For the Sake of the Children Marathon of Hope

A New Ray Of Hope

Maurice Vellacott This past June, (June 16th, 2009), another respectable Member of Parliament, who truly cares about children and their families, Mr. Maurice Vellacott from Saskatoon, introduced another Equal Shared Parenting Private Members Bill before Parliament, Bill C-422 , asking our Government once again, to reform the Divorce Act, and make Equal Shared Parenting the normative determination by courts dealing with situations of divorce involving children.

Will our Canadian Government once again ignore the best interests of the children, and simply allow this important Bill to collect dust for years to come, the way it has the For The Sake Of The Children recommendations from 1998, as well as Minister Hill's Bill, Bill C-245, introduced before Parliament in 2002??? If our current Justice Minister, the so-called “Honourable” Rob Nicholson has his way, they will!!!

To listen to the Audio file of Mr. Vellacott's statement in Parliament on Equal Shared Parenting - June 16, 2009, just click here.

A Message From Mr. Maurice Vallacott, Saskatoon-Wanuskewin Member of Parliament

Maurice Vellacott, MP
Unit 3-844 51st Street East
Saskatoon, SK S7K 5C7
Tel. 306-975-4725, Toll Free 888-844-8886
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Mr. Vellacott introduced Equal Shared Parenting Bill C-422 before the House of Commons on June 16th, 2009. To listen to the Audio file of Mr. Vellacott's statement in Parliament on Equal Shared Parenting - June 16, 2009, just click here.

"I was greatly encouraged to learn about David Nash's plans to organize a Cross Canada Marathon campaign to raise awareness for disenfranchised children. Dave is fittingly calling his Cross Canada Run, "For The Sake Of The Children Marathon Of Hope."

Children from broken homes often lose out on the influence and relationship of one parent due to persistent problems and biases in the current judicial and legal system. Canada needs the political will to fix the broken system. Our politicians need to hear from you, the Canadian citizens from all across this beautiful country, in order to make this happen.

I commend Dave for this tremendous initiative and wish him every success with his Cross Canada Marathon as he raises the profile of equal shared parenting.

Mr. Nash could use your support, as there is a substantial financial cost in carrying out this "For The Sake Of The Children Marathon Of Hope." If you believe in Equal Shared Parenting as strongly as I do, please support this cause and help Mr. Nash bring this very important issue to the Canadian media and to the heart of the Canadian people. Thank You."

Maurice Vellacott, Saskatoon-Wanuskewin Member of Parliament

Video of the Press Conference for Maurice Vellacott's Equal Shared Parenting Private Members Bill C-422

For more information on Bill C-422, please visit the Bill C-422 Page on this website, or view Bill C-422 on the Government Of Canada's website located here.

Bill C-422 is very important in bringing Canadian legislation in line with what the best research says about the best interests of children.

Edward Kruk To read a copy of CHILD CUSTODY, ACCESS AND PARENTAL RESPONSIBILITY: THE SEARCH FOR A JUST AND EQUITABLE STANDARD, published as recently as December of 2008 by Edward Kruk, M.S.W., Ph.D., of The University of British Columbia, please visit the Edward Kruk’s Research Page.

Edward Kruk is Canada’s foremost expert on Child Custody, and he says the removal of one parent from the life of the child is widespread in Canada. In a recent article from The Epoch Times, Professor Kruk called the family court system in Canada “a national shame.”

“I don’t actually see this issue as one that only affects fathers because there are increasing numbers of mothers who are losing their children and children who are losing their mothers,” says Kruk.

“I like to see it more from the child’s perspective because it is a form of child abuse to have a fit and loving parent forcefully removed by a court in the absence of any child protection concerns or issues,” Kruk stated further.

Non-custodial fathers, too, are “a very at-risk group,” says Kruk, with homicides and suicides disproportionate to the rest of the population.

And while a 2007 survey by SES research found that 80 per cent of Canadians support equal parenting, Kruk says "Canada currently has one of the highest parent removal rates in the world."

The divorce industry is booming in many western countries including Canada, where a contested divorce costs an average of $25,000. This is why, says Kruk, “there’s a very strong vested interest in maintaining the status quo on the part of the legal professionals.”

To read the full article from The Epoch Times Website, please click here.

With limited exceptions, children generally demonstrate superior outcomes when both parents – Mom AND Dad – are actively involved in their children's lives, even if the parents divorce or separate. This bill reflects the spirit of the recommendations made in the For The Sake Of The Children report.

“Any Government that would have a so-called "Justice" System in place that would encourage a Parent to deny their own child the right to have an equal relationship with their other parent, cannot truly say that they care about the best interests of the Children. Their actions, or should I say inaction’s to reform such a broken system, speak very loudly. They are boldly stating: We do not care about the children of divorce in Canada. We do not care about Canada's future." – Dave Nash

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